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Applying Enough Resources to Develop Effective Plans

Having the right resources to conduct effective customer planning is a significant challenge in today's business environment.  The most prevalent obstacle is simply time.  Many companies have the skills and have a disciplined process defined, but the day-to-day demands of managing the business appropriately draw resources away from episodic planning activities.


Effective customer planning is critical to driving increased returns on your trade promotion investments.  When resources are constrained, customer planning can encounter multiple issues:

  • Limited analyses and insights developed to drive better customer tactics.
  • Brand strategies are not transformed into clear and consistent planning parameters.
  • Less time available to create effective plans and validate them for reasonableness.
  • Effective fact-based sales tools are not develop to help Sales sell-in changes in desired customer merchandising tactics.
  • The planning process remains "open-ended" where results are not monitored, issues are not transparent and management intervention is difficult. 

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