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Teamwork is Critical

Are all the "cogs" in your company team aligned and working together to effectively manage your trade promotion investments? Effective trade management requires critical contributions from multiple functions including sales, marketing, trade marketing, finance and others.  You are an aligned organization if all have a clear understanding of their distinct roles and adhere to them.  When an organization is functionally misaligned, critical areas of accountability often do not have an owner or have more than one claiming ownership.....and your company machine is not working as well as it should.

Symptom’s of a Misaligned Organization

  • More time battling internally than battling the competition
  • Critical work has no clear owner and does not get done
  • Frequent fire drills
  • "Finger-pointing" and dissension

Causes of an Unaligned Organization

  • Misaligned functional objectives
  • Lack of clearly defined processes
  • Misaligned incentives
  • Different sets of numbers

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