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Getting Your Organization to Embrace a Better Way


Someone once said that the only thing that is permanent is change - a very true statement for today's business environment. 

While ever-present, change remains a challenging path for most organizations intent on improving the way they manage their business.  This is especially the case for companies attempting to improve trade promotion effectiveness. Many CPG companies have been working to improve their trade management practices for nearly two decades and few have achieved enduring success!


Successful change efforts invariably include the following components:

  • Senior Management Advocacy - They not only approve of the direction, they are staunch advocates who keep the organization focused and energized.
  • Clear Vision  - A desired destination that helps the organization work through the challenges of change.
  • Transformation of the Work - If you do not change how the work is done you will not like where you end up!
  • Training - Your people may need to learn new methods for doing their work.  If you do not train them on the new way, they will keep doing it the old way!
  • A Plan - A detailed plan to help your organization build their capabilities is the only way to guide them to your destination. 

Contact Trade Management Partners today to help build your organizational change plan!

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