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Too Little, Too Much & How To Use It

"If I just had more information, I could make better decisions". This is a sentiment that has probably crossed our minds more than once. The truth is that in many cases we have more information than we need. The information is generally available but not in the right context, the right format, or at the right time.  Sometimes, we may have all of the right information but it is obscured by too much of the wrong information!



The challenge is to identify the information you need to manage your business and have it available when you need it.

• Do you have Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) for your business?

• What are the 5-10 KPI's that identify the health of your business?

• Are these KPI ’s universally accepted throughout your organization?

• How are these KPI ’s tracked?
• How and to who are they communicated?

• Do changes in these KPI’s lead to improved performance or 

  management intervention?

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