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Pathway for Effective Trade Management

Deploying an insight-driven,strategically-aligned and closed-loop customer planning process may be the most critical element in improving your organization's capabilities. Trade Management Partners recommends a process that incorporates several critical steps:

How do you build customer plans?

  • Do you use Quantitative Insights to build your plans?
    • Do you have the availability and visibility of needed information?
    • Does the organization have the capability to turn information into insight?
    • Does the organization know how to apply insights in plan development?
  • Do you translate business goals and brand strategies into customer plans?
    • Do you develop customer planning parameters consistent with brand strategies and marketing plans?
    • Do you segment customers based on critical business drivers?
    • Do you budget revenue objectives consistent with brand plans and customer segmentation?
  • Do you efficiently build customer plans that deliver your business objectives?
    • How administratively burdensome is your plan development process?
    • Does your organization plan consist with established parameters?
    • Do the collective customer plans deliver your business plan?
  • Do you close the loop on your planning with a Measure-Manage-Learn process?
    • Do you have key performance indicators (KPI's) identified and consistently monitored?  Do they have clear "owners?"
    • Do you have a results management process in place to guide your management interventions?
    • Do you use your measurements to drive continuous learning and improve future plans?
  • Are you using technology to improve decision making and reduce administrative burdens?
  • Are your compensation and incentive systems aligned with the right behaviors to drive effective plan development and trade investment optimization?
  • Are all the key functional contributors aligned with defined and distinct roles?   Are all players acting like they are on the same team?

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